Papaya Leaf Tea: A Miracle Cure for Cancer?

For every illness we are faced with in this world, it seems there is an herbal tea or other natural remedy out there somewhere just waiting to be found. In the case of cancer, this natural remedy was found in the form of papaya leaf tea. Papaya leaf tea has always been known for its benefits with healing other health issues, however recent evidence has shown us that it may be able to do much more than scientists originally thought. In depth research has shown us that not only does it have a potential to heal patients with cancer, but it may even be able to work better than chemotherapy.

Overview of Cancer

Many centuries ago, different types of cancer were described by Hippocrates in ancient Greece. He called them carcinos which is Greek for ‘crab’. Some of the oldest evidence for attempts at treating cancer could be found in the form of a surgical description of removing cancer in ancient Egypt. This was possibly the start of many different attempts at healing and preventing this disease. In the medicinal world today, doctors and scientists alike are still trying to settle on a reliable form of treatment for this age old disease. Common treatments today depend heavily on the type of cancer and how far it has progressed in the affected patient. Generally, treatment will include chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation therapy.

The Effects of Papaya Tea

Recent clinical studies have shown that a potent enzyme known as papain which is exclusively found in papaya leaves has the ability to help heal cancer patients. For many years, cultures have used papaya leaves in the form of a tea to help fight cancer. Intrigued, scientists that had researched this were able to find out that not only did papain have cancer fighting properties, but that this particular enzyme worked most effectively at higher temperatures. For this reason, it was found that it is perfect to introduce papaya leaf in the form of tea in order to achieve the most powerful effects of this herbal remedy. The papain has the ability to break down the coating the surrounds cancer cells, making it far easier for the body to break them down. Furthermore, unlike chemotherapy, papaya tea can help reduce cancer without weakening the immune system. Take caution on using papaya tea if you are pregnant or on any prescription medications. Consult with a physician prior to using papaya tea to ensure that it is the best decision for you.

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