Papaya Tea for Cancer Prevention

Many are familiar with papayas and the benefits that can be found in these tropical fruits. However, what many do not realize is that the leaves of this plant can make an exceptionally beneficial tea as well. Papaya tea has greatly grown in popularity in the medicinal world due to recent research which has shown extraordinary benefits and the possibility to even cure cancer.


Cancer Overview

For years, doctors have puzzled over the most effective ways to properly treat and cure cancer. Cancer begins as an abnormal growth of cells that can appear anywhere in the body. They grow rapidly and sometimes this growth is malignant, which means that they can cause serious damage to the body and eventually death. Since there isn’t a single, specific cause for cancer, it is very hard to treat. Many doctors believe that the development of cancer is a result of a combination of different factors rather than one or two factors.

How Papaya Tea Helps

Amidst years of research and testing, many natural plants and herbs have shown some effect on cancer, but none have shown as much promise as the papaya leaf. The use of papaya extract and papaya tea was able to drastically slow the growth of tumors. This is the result of a unique constituent called ‘papain’ which is found in papaya and tea that is made from papaya plants. Papain is a strong enzyme that has the ability to break down the protective coating on cancer cells which allows the body to inhibit further growth of the cancer, effectively killing it. Further research has shown us that papain works most effectively at higher temperatures, which is why it is perfect to be administered as a tea. Papaya tea is not meant to be used as a self-treatment, but it certainly can help to speed the healing and treatment administered by a professional health practitioner. Consult with your doctor prior to using herbal teas for any serious conditions to ensure that it is the best choice for you.