For centuries, many cultures have made use of natural and herbal medicines to help them relieve various illnesses and ailments. In recent years, the popularity of these natural medicines has been growing as more people reach a higher sense of awareness of just how beneficial these herbal remedies can be. Among these remedies, there are many herbal teas such as papaya tea which have a long list of helpful benefits that can truly improve your health. Papaya tea is typically made from the leaves of the papaya plant rather than the fruit. Papaya leaves, which surprisingly hold a long list of benefits that can’t be found in the actual fruit of the papaya plant which is what makes them especially good when made into a tea.

  • Highly effective in promoting healthy digestive function

  • Helps fight off infections and other forms of bacteria

  • Can help block the development of cancerous tumors

  • Can be used externally on your skin for rashes & small cuts

Did you know?

Research by Doctor Nam Dang at the University of Florida found an extract made from dried papaya leaves killed cancer cells directly and slowed the growth of tumor cells in cultures.

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Digestion Supplement

The most potent use for this tea is for its benefit with assisting proper digestion in the body. This tea contains enzymes which are incredibly useful for helping to break down proteins and carbohydrates in the digestive system. Furthermore, this herbal tea can be used to relieve heartburn, excessive acid, and it can even assist with the prevention of stomach ulcers. Additionally, by regularly drinking papaya tea you can help heal current gastrointestinal problems and digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, dyspepsia, and more. Lastly, this herbal remedy can help improve your appetite as well, which is what also makes it good for those who are suffering from a poor appetite.



Many times papaya tea will be given to those that suffer from intestinal parasitic infections. The properties of this herbal tea can help the body to quickly eliminate certain worms and parasites. If you suffer from intestinal parasites, drink this tea regularly preferably in the mornings on an empty stomach. Drinking papaya tea can also prevent further parasites in the future as well, making it a good tea to keep handy if this type of infection is a common problem for you.

Cancer Prevention

Extensive research has shown us that papaya leaves have many compounds in them that can help fight the development of certain cancers and tumors. Unique antioxidants that are found in tea that is made from papaya leaves have shown promise for inhibiting the growth of current tumors and cancers as well. Papaya tea also contains papain which is also known to contain tumor and cancer inhibiting enzymes.


External Uses

Aside from drinking this incredible tea to enjoy its benefits, there is also a list of advantages for when it is used externally as well. Prepare a cup of papaya tea and allow it to cool. You can then use a small cloth to apply this tea to your skin externally to help heal cold sores, acne, blisters, rashes, bug bites, and minor cuts and scrapes. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of this tea it can help relieve pain and swelling. Topical use of this tea can also help to speed healing of minor skin problems as well.